A new direction - TDS' Anglin lays down what`s important going forward - How to front run covid fascism? - human rights baby!

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue May 26 03:29:36 PDT 2020

For those who missed the memo, the biggest n.ggah on the web just changed direction in the last few days - to a conservative (compared to the last few years :) ) new profile of the truth behind the corona fascism coming down the pipeline and how we might handle this as the pre-ordained "second wave" is ramped up in September/October with things like global "I'm vaccinated" travel passes, martial law style lock downs and the real fight for our freedoms, both individually and collectively.

OK, so we avoided World War 3, but we still have work to do to avoid a fascist dystopia from being imposed.

Imagine your role in the thick of this - imagine what you might do right now and over the coming weeks to lift others in awareness, in preparation, in will to do some small thing in support of one or more of our fundamental rights.

Then, get to it :)

   Human right to association.

   Human right to make all choices over one's body in relation to all medical matters, modulo quarantine if you are known to carry an actually deadly disease.

   Human right to freedom of communication, thought, belief.

   Human right to freedom of movement.

Just remember our duty of care to one another, and all is as well as we can make it...

Life free fellow Souls, live free

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