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> > If I am scammer your a troll, all said.
> nope, you are a scammer.
> > I can think otherwise If I notice a change in your attitude towards new technology.
> I suggest you go peddle your scam somewhere else. The 'market' for shitcoins(like yours) is very vast. As Karl said, there are ~1500 shitcoins/scams. Yours will fit in perfectly.
> > By default I do what you do with me, I just ignore you.
> exactly what should be done with a scammer like you who has some 'secret method' protected by 'NDAs' run his little raspberry botnet (oops, yes, that's what's your project is...a botnet with 'borrowed' nodes...)

You can flip the reality.
This is a network of inexpensive computers running highly efficient code forming a distributed network of computers.

If they were used for the evil that would be a botnet.

But they are designed instead to protect the privacy of the owner and perform fast interactions with the rest.

It is a multi coin platform which I presume is the first that questioned 'the longest chain is the legitimate one'. Questioning dogmas is when you find good ideas that can breakthrough.

I've been open in this list to provide any detail of it in informal conversation with tho hope to light some fire and animated or interesting technology talk.

But here comes your list of prejudices. You're just trolling without any respect nor any ground of truth.

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