Outcompeting Blockchains: using a global store to replace lengthy chain histories

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun May 24 04:25:04 PDT 2020

This is just a small part of outcompeting blockchains, but it's a big one
to me.  (I'm using here the survival trait of sustaining everyone else
giving you community support, to plan the outcompetition.)

If people got together and made a globally usable filesystem using
something like ceph, lizardfs, tahoe-lafs ... we could together replace the
role of storage history in blockchains.  This would help soften the global
shock around them, letting more people run nodes and making fewer people
need to.

You'd want to make a small patch to the system preventing deletion of
important stuff.  Siacoin (which I only remember because I use their web
interface) actually has enough storage to back thousands of terabytes on
FUSE for reasonable cost if we wanted to preserve everything entirely.   I
would let anybody mark something crucial with some kind of rudimentary spam
detection (e.g. low entropy in file, only so much data from single source)
to start with, and not let crucial things be deleted by anyone.  The open
source community that would sprout as usage grew could handle the spam
detection breaking.

You'd shift your sense of security such that the ability to write to the
filesystem is shared publicly and directly, via e.g. a public private-key.

Once it got going, storage-based chains like storj and siacoin would pay
such a network for providing storage.

Any thoughts?
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