Cryptocurrency: Exploits, Austrian Libertarian, Privacy Coins Needed, Scaling Bloat, JPMorgan Flex, more...

Karl gmkarl at
Sun May 24 02:31:05 PDT 2020

Haven't kept up with all the posts on this list but I've been on this
thread about deadly-digital-money a bit.

On Sat, May 23, 2020, 12:10 AM grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:.
<summary of part of what I snipped: all the major anonymous coins have been
deanonymized.  the pattern of when that is possible hasn't been summarized
for continued use of them.  usa still hates cryptos.>

Still no good distributed DEX's in operation with open APIs
> for wide range of coins to plug into for cross-chain atomic swaps.

I must have missed where whatever the issue with bitshares (trading bot at ) is.  It seems to meet your
qualifications to me but may fall short in other areas.
> Watching the mining pool charts... the large pools are slowly killing
> off the smaller pools. and AntPool are both Bitmain, Nakamoto
> Coefficient (a measure of decentralization) has dropped to 2, they
> control 62% of the hashrate.
> Welcome to joint problem of ASICs... central sole source ASIC Corps presale
> mining out with their own HW first, then dictating preferred bulk sales
> channels
> and destinations... and lack of personal responsibility to your own
> nominal values
> held by running and adopting global commodity CPU/GPU mined ASIC-hard
> coins, abandoning large pools for smaller pools. Avoiding your
> responsibilities
> in these ways will get you censored and wiped out... just like Fiat. If
> it's
> free no effort you take, you become the victim.

I began "birddogging" (brazenly approaching and trying to ask concise
obvious questions that peoples' conversation habits have been tending to
turn away) the developers in response to this at
.  The first reply I got included a proposal that we work to build
international electricity infrastructure rather than work on software
solutions, maybe parroting something old.  It takes a while for replies to
trickle through the moderation queue.

Random youtubes...
> Hayek on Friedman and Keynes

(personally I don't watch youtube, hard to quickly grok (i.e. understand
thoroughly), and requires graphics systems that crash my overburdened
devices; but I miss most information anyway.  i know you guys are good at
bringing what's important into text and it's my responsibility to read it

Happy Cryptocurrency Pizza Day.

I discovered that with a lot of chemical processing old mining equipment
can be used to fertilize wheat used for pie crusts.  The running mining
machines fire the oven.  (I'm joking here, not intended meanly: trying to
raise a little how to consider both the merits (e.g. transparency, economic
accessibility) and harm (e.g. energy waste, deadly detached capital
culture) of cryptocurrency, together)

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