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Sat May 23 12:20:24 PDT 2020

My region of the county has reopened. It is still such a shocking
thing. I have written the following blurb, which I seek resolution to.

How much longer are we going to pretend that 1) everything will return
to normalcy, and 2) there was no deviation from normalcy? How many
more weeks are we going to pretend that the Dollar has value, and is
not dead? How long will it be after the election that the
secessionists will take their action? How long until the Union
declares war on China? How long until we charge "authorities" for
lying to the people, and to the President? How long until we forcibly
disbar members of the press for lying to the American Public about
official remarks made by the President?

These are all pressing matters that no one is talking about.

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