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>>>>> Evergrowing blockchains of UTXO transaction logs are unneeded bloat
>>>>> and a standing privacy risk. ZEC, XMR, BTC, BCH, ETH, pick any
>>>>> toplist... these are all old legacy first generation coins
> ...
>>> but personally i support keeping ancient utxo logs because it means people in trouble can store their experiences and evidence in the permanent logs.
> ....
>> USPS doesn't keep the history record as other blockchains, removing the immutable trait, which I consider dangerous for privacy.
>> At the same time people can store their evidences and make them available or delete them if that is convenient.
>> It's a pity that USPS is being overlooked.
> USPS sounds important.  One thing we consider when protecting information on security lists is the problem of "rubberhosing" -- being physically forced by someone else to remove the security from the information, to keep your own life, health, or livelihood.  Hence a way is needed to protect crucial information from deletion _even_by its_owner_.  But you've probably heard this already.

The solution for this problem doesn't fall into the blockchain platform. The platform will delete the information if evidence signed by the right private key is presented.
If you want to protect a piece of information from "rubberhosing" you must follow a procedure to safeguard it. for instance :
1. break down your key into several parts, using the Shamir secret sharing squeme.
2 spread the parts acros a distributed group of people you trust
3 delete the key so nobody can force you to reveal
4 the attacker must have to coherce a number of people to reconstruct the private key
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