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>> > Evergrowing blockchains of UTXO transaction logs are unneeded bloat
>> > and a standing privacy risk. ZEC, XMR, BTC, BCH, ETH, pick any
>> > toplist... these are all old legacy first generation coins
> ...

> but personally i support keeping ancient utxo logs because it means people
> in trouble can store their experiences and evidence in the permanent logs.
> ....

> USPS doesn't keep the history record as other blockchains, removing the
> immutable trait, which I consider dangerous for privacy.
> At the same time people can store their evidences and make them available
> or delete them if that is convenient.
> It's a pity that USPS is being overlooked.

USPS sounds important.  One thing we consider when protecting information
on security lists is the problem of "rubberhosing" -- being physically
forced by someone else to remove the security from the information, to keep
your own life, health, or livelihood.  Hence a way is needed to protect
crucial information from deletion _even_by its_owner_.  But you've probably
heard this already.
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