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Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat May 23 00:28:09 PDT 2020

China's "nationalism" is not the same as we in the West imagine nationalism to be.

There is a group consciousness, and supreme tribalism within the Chinese where (almost the complete majority of) Chinese nationals do in fact live for the party, the motherland, and most importantly, for all Chinese.

Remember Bruce Lee screaming "I am Chinese!".

Observe how the Chinese in Western lands are aware and watching all around them in a way that is quite foreign to most Westerners, as they clamour for opportunity.

But this "opportunity" that Chinese people seek is not for the individual (the glorious penultimate "individual" direction the Westerner is taught to seek), but for his family and his entire (1.5 billion in number) tribe.

Remember the definition of "business" in Chinese: it means "take advantage".

The Northern/Nordic tribes necessarily - i.e. for their/our very survival - had to work collectively, or the winter had a way of ending your and or your family's lives.  For the Chinese it's been a few thousand years of "who can grow more rice" than his neighbour, and with ~1.5 billion people, competition for very survival.

So a Chinaman abroad is literally seeking resources - new land, food, energy etc - for his family and for a billion other people.

   Watch: China Expert Warns Communist Regime Unlike Anything "Since The Third Reich"
    Cabot Phillips via Campus Reform

      .. Pointing first to China’s response to COVID-19, Chang called out the attempt to place blame on other nations, saying “What we are seeing with the coronavirus is an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to change the narrative around the entire world… the virus has an origin in Wuhan. Beijing has tried to change that, at times suggesting it came from the United States.”

      .. Xi believes China is the world’s only sovereign state.

      .. Chang detailed how their Confucius Institutes “report in reality to the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department. That means these are attempts to subvert other countries. Why would China spend so much money on U.S. campuses? It’s not just because they want to teach the Chinese language. They want to put forth narratives and restrict what is said about China on American campuses.”

      Pointing out the lack of reciprocity, he noted, “The U.S. is not permitted to have institutes like this in China. You don’t have a Lincoln Center or Roosevelt Institute… we know that propaganda is absolutely critical to totalitarian regimes.” In closing, Chang noted the impact political correctness has had on the failure of American colleges and universities to call out China’s infiltration efforts.

      “What we’ve seen in the U.S. is political correctness gone wild in connection with coronavirus.. where any criticism of China is deemed to be xenophobic or creating racism against Chinese Americans. That’s absolutely wrong.

      You’ve got to remember that the Chinese regime is deeply racist with its Han nationalist ideology. This is something we haven’t quite seen since The Third Reich.

      To say criticism of a racist regime is racist is absolutely wrong. People have serious concerns about China and we have to have the right to have open discussions about it without the name calling.”

Also note that the lack of reciprocity between China and the rest of the world extends to many many aspects of our "modern industrialized societies", for example land ownership - China has for decades (and still to this day) been given an incredibly unfair advantage by our own governments (Labour Party in Australia, Democrats in the USA etc) to buy any and all land, businesses, buildings etc in our countries, whilst we cannot buy "even one matchbox full" of "Chinese" dirt!

A litany of such plainly unfair imbalances exist.

We the White race are literally the minority on this planet - although to many it may not seem so.  And in the face of the raging dragon, we have lost much, possibly most, of our previous competitive advantages on the world stage - namely manufacturing and commerce, which China nowadays utterly dominates, and note well, this is "the real economy" which NO amount of financialization can ever compensate for in the long term!

We have a right as voluntarily joining collectives under the banner of families, states and nations, to protect our culture, and to have conversations around all of this - it is not racist to talk about what we as individuals (individually and/or collectively) want!

It is not racist to have personal preferences in relation to culture, association, and political preferences.

It is not racist to want to maintain a majority of our own race of people IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!

The angry dissenters of the world decry every reasonable preference by reasonable people as a screeching "RACISM!" supposedly justified by past evils.

But destroying a people and destroying our culture, is not the right solution to past evils.

Doing the right thing now, including upholding the rights of all of us to have a say in our own countries, and withdrawing from evil actions, and holding evil to account, are the right pathways.

Wrong action is not the solution to wrong past actions, just as censoring speech is not the solution to bad speech.

The solution of course is right action, upholding and living our rights, and more good speech.

   Live your rights.

   Hold evil to account.

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