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Tue May 19 06:50:55 PDT 2020

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 07:45:42AM -0400, Karl wrote:
> On Mon, May 18, 2020, 4:43 PM grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:
> > > some in power could have wanted to heal some of the harm
> >
> > They don't, else they would. Till recant, repent, and renew, a life of
> > irrelevance afforded them by new revolution[aries] may be their fate.
> > History usually treated them much worse.
> Everyone has a heart.

~2% of humans are sociopathic - power hungry, willing to do evil (by average definitions), Skull and Bones, murder etc.

The first step is recognizing reality as it is, rather than as we would like to assume it to be.

> The path that gathers the most power includes the
> most diverse set of powerful hearts.

At a human level (pragmatic considerations for the majority of humans) that's "hippy rubbish" or denial of reality.

> But honestly I'm outside my comfort zone there.  I've been prevented from
> learning of mediating between oppressor and oppressed (and I'm not trained
> in mediation).

Well there's a good start for you - learn about mediation.  Or, you might just happen to enjoy getting steamrolled and pummelled in various ways.

> When somebody rips my eyeballs out I give them a hug.

Actually not, because that person is actually capably of doing so, which is an extraordinarily rapid set of movements where their final stance is well beyond your physical reach.

Except that you are similarly trained, should you find yourself having your eyeballs ripped out you undoubtedly scream in agony and immediately fall to the ground clutching your face.

> Then they rip my
> arms off.  I thank them for keeping themselves safe and apologize for
> making them uncomfortable and they rip my tongue out.

The training a human requires to be able to live such physical actions, is beyond all but the smallest vanishing fraction of a percentage of all humans.

It's all very well as an allegory or some grandiose "call to higher ethics", but when such call is beyond the realistic ability of almost everyone who would ever hear your words to actually live, the effect in this world from uttering such words is likely similarly vanishing.

> After I am dead,
> they think, and then their next victim has more to work with than I did.

So you say.

There may have been one who lived such a high ethic, but even he was apparently only nailed to a wooden cross and so did not immediately bleed to death, as would happen were your arms cut off - even if you could hold a state of grace in the face of the pain of having your eyeballs ripped out and your arms cut off - the pragmatic certainty is that you would rapidly fall into unconsciousness and shortly bleed to death.

> Eventually they start behaving like I did, to their boss.

Of your own, human, individual will, few would ever believe this - it's far too fanciful.

Hands and feet nailed?  Ok, may be.  A stabbed gash in the ribs.  Yeah, damn painful, but Roman swords were not cerrated, so the blood would probably clot.  Strung up in this way for 3 days?  Makes sense given that movement every now and then might open the wounds and cause more bleeding, and the internal injuries and possible blood poisoning from insects landing would ultimately get to you.

Eyes and arms removed?  Naah, not realistic...

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