Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon May 18 13:42:19 PDT 2020

> I mentioned near the start of the development the value of wearing masks.
> During Occupy masks were worn for anonymity and safety and other reasons,
> and laws were passed to make it illegal in my areas.  Now they are worn
> everywhere.

All of these bullshit mask laws are still on the books worldwide since
decades more.
They will happily jail, charge, guilty, imprison you if they want, in
fact they must
do so under their own spoken drone guise of all equal no discretion
exceptions etc.
They will also claim sovereign immunity when you try to sue them for
the debilitating
viral damage havoc on your body finance mind and life (or by your fam
when you're dead)
because their "law" forbade you from wearing mask upon "legal" threat
of jail/death.
None of this legal farce regarding masks has made it to mainstream news.
Else they'd have to remove their laws from their books.
They hate removing their laws over you.

> some in power could have wanted to heal some of the harm

They don't, else they would. Till recant, repent, and renew, a life of
irrelevance afforded them by new revolution[aries] may be their fate.
History usually treated them much worse.

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