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 On Saturday, May 16, 2020, 09:54:34 PM PDT, Mirimir <mirimir at riseup.net> wrote:
 On 05/16/2020 03:19 AM, Karl wrote:
>> To clarify for people new like me, Ross Ulbricht is serving life in prison
>> for making an anonymous marketplace.  Not his clients for selling illegal
>> things.  Him for running it with anonymous clients.

>As I understand it, they charged him with facilitating illegal drug
sales. Plus basically with all of the hypothetical negative consequences
that said sales could have produced. Sort of like the drug dealing
equivalent of reckless driving.

>They also charged him with some murder for hire bullshit, based on
entrapment by an undercover cop. But he wasn't convicted on that.

>> Prison is horrible and destroys your sanity and health.  It can be constant
>> trauma.  Having words from the outside can be hope.

>I'm sure that it is, and that support from others helps. In person, by
phone, by mail, ...

>> https://www.emailaprisoner.com/

>I suppose. I mean, everything is monitored and censored. But if it
works, why not?

This is a method of locating a specific Federal prisoner, if you know his register number:Interestingly, Ulbricht is currently at USP Tucson, where I spent time from about May 2007 until I was released in late December 2009.
It is also the location where I came up with my isotopic discovery and many associated inventions.  

| Register Number: 18870-111 |
| Age:  | 36 |
| Race:  | White |
| Sex:  | Male |
| Located at: Tucson USP |

|  | 
USP Tucson




Release Date: LIFE
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