Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is DEAD!!!

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> > What a relief!!!Thank heavens for leaks!!!
> >         Jim Bell

> http://thesaker.is/trump-elected-as-president-risks-and-opportunities/

   .. "So it has happened: Hillary did not win!  I say that instead of saying that “Trump won” because I consider the former even more important than the latter.  Why?  Because I have no idea whatsoever what Trump will do next.  I do, however, have an excellent idea of what Hillary would have done: war with Russia.  Trump most likely won’t do that.  In fact, he specifically said in his acceptance speech:

         I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone — all people and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict.

   And Putin’s reply was immediate:

         We heard the statements he made as candidate for president expressing a desire to restore relations between our countries. We realise and understand that this will not be an easy road given the level to which our relations have degraded today, regrettably. But, as I have said before, it is not Russia’s fault that our relations with the United States have reached this point.

         Russia is ready to and seeks a return to full-format relations with the United States. Let me say again, we know that this will not be easy, but are ready to take this road, take steps on our side and do all we can to set Russian-US relations back on a stable development track.

         This would benefit both the Russian and American peoples and would have a positive impact on the general climate in international affairs, given the particular responsibility that Russia and the US share for maintaining global stability and security.

[Unfortunately the deep swamp war, DUMB and otherwise, continues, though there are signs of a better future...]

> And that names the biggest winner (besides Trump) in all this: Wikileaks
> and Julian Assange, putting the lame stream media to shame.
> http://theduran.com/breakdown-biggest-winners-and-losers-of-the-2016-us-presidential-election/
> http://theduran.com/list-biggest-election-winners-losers/
> http://theduran.com/assad-must-go-who-must-go-goodbye-cameron-obama-hillary-merkel-hollande-youre-next/
> http://theduran.com/trumps-victory-speech-message-peace-with-historic-significance/
> "
> the most crucial sentence was this: “We will get along with all the
> nations willing to get along with us”. I have waited all my life for an
> American President to utter such words.
> "

There are minor rumblings of detente (Trump rang Putin - might sound small, but a beginnin's a beginnin, muffaluckkas), and though Duh Swamp be very well entrenched, the mill grinds ('patriot' Flynn).

   "we will get along with all the nations willing to get along with us"

Although the USA is far down the ladder of moral standing these days, for the time being Trump is still alive (unlike JFK) and hope remains ... the possibility for the North American Union otherwise known as the USA, to begin to rebuild a moral standing.

Durham:  "My -eyes-, nigger!  Look in to muh -eyes-!  You is face music!"  [We hope!]

USN Mercy was a washout (due to ICMTs - Inter-Continental Maglev Trains ??) so ... let's pray the DUMB wars favour justice, righteousness and truth.  If needs be, a complete severance with the fallen ...

Love must be upheld.

Murder, blackmail and torture must be denounced and stopped, must be brought to account.

   Book, non-fiction, 1936: Darkness over Tibet;  mighty interestin', mug whigs.. dem fallen' angels, man, like wow ...


   Darkness Over Tibet Excerpts and Commentary by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Remember, muh grits:

  We fight not against men ... but against principalities.


Your/ our, time, is now.


Live your principles.

Live your rights.


Except that you live the right, live truth, live those righteous principles of justice, ... you are otherwise compliant.  Explicitly, or implicitly/ tacitly, you are compliant.

Stop blaming one another, albeit hold to truth and justice.  Spend care for the seemingly trivial or "inconsequential" words spoken in anger or spite or any of the other innumerable "lower" states of one's being .. strive for a 'higher' path, a worthy action, that dignity before the incomprehensible grandeur of our very existence and being and capacities of life ..


Stand for truth, for principles, for the logically inherent sanity in the stand by those staunch in the face of despotic empire, those who sit in their prison cells hoping ... that we awaken, we see, we arise and act in the pursuit of justice for all.

Live truth muffas!

Live truth or die in darkness.

May the forces of righteousness be with you.

May the angels on high be behind you, vigilant in support of your stand in this world, our intention to bring 'heaven' to earth, to live the greatest dignity we can conceive, before our maker and not before men.

Cerate your world my brothers and sisters, cerate your world,

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