Victims of Post-9/11 Political Torture

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> > Please, does anybody know anything about the subject line of this e-mail?
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> > becomes one.
> It's not very interesting at this point, since of all the relatives of the
> >2000 victims of this inside job, all but a single one (a mother of one of
> those who died) took the blood money silence payment.
> All but one.
> She fought for years in the courts.  Don't know how that concluded, if at
> all - but given that everyone else folded, she will be (if any) the only
> one "worthy of any persecution" anyway.

My understanding was that the mentioned issue is ongoing, not over.

Which event or group are you referring to?  Do you mean the original 9/11

As far as I inferred, each group of things is different.  Personally and
honestly I was unaware of any money being involved.  More like never being
able to work a job again.

I enjoyed one of Jesselyn Radack's documentaries describing kind of tame
experiences that whistleblowers managed to remember and talk about but
showing a powerful ability to reach out to the public.  I don't recall
which one it was.

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