"contact tracing" apps - individual v collective rights - Utah Rejects Apple-Google Tracing Technology for Local Start-Up Application

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed May 13 17:53:12 PDT 2020

The thought arises as to whether and how this type of front running might be useful to individuals and "self chosen" groups/collectives of people:

   Utah Rejects Apple-Google Tracing Technology for Local Start-Up Application
      Apple and Google are involved in the development of a joint contact-tracing app for download in order to alert people who may have been in contact with others who have tested positive for the coronavirus. As the tech giants jump into the field of public health, local state start-ups have also stepped up to aid medical departments. ...

The first principle is our existence, and our right to survival - to do those things needed to maintain our existence.

The second principle is our will, our freedoms of thought and communication and action in this world, whether or not that action is directly related to our survival.

Next, our existence appears in a world or realm with, apparently, other 'fellow' Souls on this journey of life - and they too have or "are with" the same rights as we ourselves are.

In dignity, one cognizes a duty of care to one another - not only to the living of our own rights, but to the upholding of the rights of those around us, that we might all enjoy thriving in our (apparent) 'collective existence'.

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