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Wed May 13 05:07:28 PDT 2020

In my opinion every node of the network would decide what is their respective limit on bandwidth, at TCP level.
The global traffic will then travel through an heterogeneous graph of connections with different bandwidth at every edge.

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> grarpamp grarpamp at wrote:
> > > > > web cesspool servers send data in
> > > > > big chunks/high speed bursts, which is not compatible with constant
> > > > > rate links.
> >
> > Go play packet filter rate limits, works fine.
> well yes you can rate limit any application. If you rate limit the web browser then the typical 5mb pages (95% malware) won't load in 0.1s, 'like they should'. That's the sense in which web browsing is not 'compatible'. Now, I'm not saying that's a real problem. It's only a problem for "normies" who "browse the web" but those users are not the target for an actual anonimity network.
> Anyway, that's a secondary issue. I suggest you post your ideas/views on the basic architecture for an overlay that works as "tor replacement".

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