tor replacement - was Re: Box for simple Tor node.

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue May 12 18:48:34 PDT 2020

>> > web cesspool servers send data in
>> > big chunks/high speed bursts, which is not compatible with constant
>> > rate links.

Go play packet filter rate limits, works fine.

>> your ISP rate or physical link speed already
>> serves as max rate

> people could generally send
> dummy traffic to eacht other at the max rate advertised by their

They already send all kind of traffic to each other today.
Go plug in your 100Mbps NIC, go buy 10Mbps from
your ISP, then go send 10Mbps worth of whatever you
want between whoever you want. Works fine.

> you can't just foward traffic from
> the  overlay to the arpanet web cesspool and expect anonimity

That's further approachable with some network fill design
than it is with tor or anything else today that do nothing.
Possibly even a 10x odds reduction or more.

> Services that
> don't require high speed/high volume traffic, like, say, mail, may be fine.
> 'Bursty' traffic won't work.

Define 'bursty'. Anything three packets or more might be considered
as such. An email message is a lot of TCP packets, go plot their
traffic curve.

Go play with packet filter rate limits, introduce and give a wheat
flow priority over a pipe that is already maxed out with a chaff flow,
watch the flows trade off.

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