Cryptocurrency: USPS

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon May 11 02:56:53 PDT 2020

> I am not afraid of IP4, the resource is already scarce and their cost
> provides a good measure against attackers that are not The Man.

They have almost zero cost. Any retard can botnet hundred thousand
of computers IP and proxy them ports all back to farm of pi's / emulators.
Any govt can use all its thousands of worldwide residents
embassy and military staffs to get worldwide IP's pools without even
any sneaky attacks like abusing secret FVEY++ peers to give them
IP proxy of unused addresses from networks too.

But no, USPS cannot give user ability to overlay network exit for
help ensure their privacy, because only IPv4 is "safe" for USPS.

Bitcoin have many many privacy overlay users, even full mining nodes on
overlay for their privacy, do you see it be not "safe" for Bitcoin network,
any real incident of that, from even day one to now.

> I am not scares about Govs too, since they haven't moved a finger yet
> against bitcoin, even though they can.

And if they do this network blocking of BTC and USPS, which will going
to still be transact... only those on the overlays... which means BTC win
USPS die, because USPS not allow user to use privacy overlay.

> The public protocol do not need to be encrypted neither in Bitcoin not  in
> USPS. USPS is running encrypted today though. The fact that Tx or consensus
> protocol goes in clear doesn't affect the pseudaanonymity nor the privacy.

??? Move to Thailand / China / wherever / everywhere that spies your
network wire, builds nice big databases of everything you do on it, use
Bitcoin to pay a cleartext tx from your photo ID IPv4 node physical address
and Bitcoin address, to cleartext to some online market known Bitcoin
address for some weed, or tx/rx a hello Tiananmen 1989 65 in blockchain
message data field. Your ass is going to jail, be in database, for long time.

In general, all coins should be encrypted and network overlay-able.

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