White ancestry - we really wuz Kangz -- Re: Gifts that keep on giving: Oklahoma Uni: Police try to id person posting "IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE" flyers - [PEACE]

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at yandex.com
Sun May 10 22:30:56 PDT 2020

>From the "Species with Amnesia" dept. of Whites embracing our inner deep history and culture:

   Rh- Negative Blood and Antediluvian Civilizations (Robert Sepehr)-ls_ZtM1Itzs.mp4
   Robert Sepehr, Anthropologist, author

      .. The caucasoid Basque people "do not fit in with the rest of the European population", and they are unique in relation to blood.

      .. Rh-negative blood types.

      .. [also the pre-dynastic (pre-Egyptian), blonde and red haired, blue eyed, -indigenous- Berber's of North West Africa]

      .. Blavatsky: "If then the Basque and Cromagnon cave men, are of the same race as the Canary Islands' Guanches, it follows that the former are also allied to the aboriginies of America - the Atlantean affinities of the three types becomes patent."

We are the monority.  In particular the "Rh negatives".

We wuz Kangz before there were kangz, though given it's ultimate fate, Atlantis may not be so much to write home about :/

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