Cryptocurrency: USPS

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun May 10 21:40:35 PDT 2020

> arkitech:
> The fact that you know the IP of the
> nodes does not reveal anything else about the node behind

Is the network traffic any way identifiable as being USPS traffic,
some nice patterns and deep inspection signs, port number,
the list of all other nodes it is connecting to...
in some countries running that node is enough to
get users jailed or killed, internet connection shut off,
questions asked, etc.

> not who is the
> source of information on any transaction, not the recipient, not the
> message.
> The only think that reveal that there is a node behind exchanging encrypted
> traffic with other nodes.

Which node decrypts that info packets?
Does that node know what IP that came from?

When user A clicks mouse send money to B, can NSA
or ISP or Sybil nodes trace that impulse back through
the network?
What other application and chaff traffic is going through
the net to hide it?

Are the transaction addresses and amounts encrypted?
No timestamps too.

Can big numbers of Sybil nodes opensource hack the
system to defeat such things, to trace coin network back.

Remember, IPv4 and rooms full of Pi's are totally free resource
for govt, corp and soldier groups. And govts definitely do not
like monetary freedom, unless the freedom gets to the
politician pocket first.

But users are not permitted to use i2p, onion, etc to help defend?

Even non privacy coin Bitcoin-BTC can use overlay networks.

Even BTC protocol over wire is still not encrypted with modern crypto, lol.

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