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I am working on prototyping a DEX (both D-Ex and De-X), I agree on the criteria mentioned in this post, thx.

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> DEX is distributed exchange, think D-Ex.
> Decentralized exchange is not, think De-X.
> Visualize, but consider also a DEX execution net more a
> distributed-state-of-swap-tx-db or messaging-like to which trades
> all plug and tx into, not necessarily a p2p routing network per se...
> Most so called "DEX" today are spamvertised corporate startup lies,
> worthless garbage infested with some things that make them
> not a true DEX...
> a) Centralized or "De-X" not truly distributed in some p2p or chain net sense.
> b) Works only with one particular token family or blockchain network.
> c) Have arbitration, escrow, insurance, brokerage, custody, entry fee'd,
> governed, staked, taxed, trades fiat, keeps a record, has support desk, etc.
> Binance style central exchanges running on onions are not DEX.
> OpenBazaar markets are not DEX.
> XMR, ZEC, JoinMarket, CashShuffle, CashFusion are not DEX.
> McAfee DEX (OEM'd @switchdex is not really a true DEX.
> ERC20, SLP, etc families only... must be made cross-chain DEX compatible.
> BlockDX is more like a true distributed atomic cross-chain DEX.
> Others coming soon.
> A true DEX will be a cross-chain fully distributed non-custodial
> uncensorable exchange protocol, its own atomic execution network,
> blockchain-ish, messaging or transaction advertisement
> meta layer API running over some privacy overlay network in free space.
> Generally requires each participant coin to have set of atomic exchange
> and cryptographic API functions into the DEX such that any market pair
> among the coins can be composed and executed free of counterparty risk.
> ccDEX - emphasizing cross-chain to eliminate all the
> ETH and other token only DEXs from consideration.
> Atomic - emphasizing committal of nominal values in key
> form to the exchange protocol net for proofed agreement,
> execute or return. Both sides either have the privkeys
> and safely swap over the protocol in time, or they don't.
> Some DEX use intermediate mechanisms.
> Some early DEX protocol research and operational nets
> are out there, for which further searches will return even
> newer more advanced work...
> bitshares etherdelta bisq 0x nvo-safenetwork
> avalanche tao method language
> Standardized DEX protocol API's will emerge and be adopted.
> If you can sue it, shoot it, shut it down, get censored, premined,
> gov / founder taxed, kyc'd, deanon'd, lose money to the protocol or humans,
> not be opensource, not be privacy, waste disk space, vote governance
> stake force over free networks etc... then 10+ years past Genesis,
> considering today's available and forthcoming crypto tech,
> it's not a DEX, and it's not a cryptocurrency... it's just central fiat.

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