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jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:

> One big improvement that I think we've settled on should be done is to implement 'chaff' into the protocol. 

	yes, chaff or constant rate links is a fundamental requirement. We should at least have a list of the basic properties of the system. Like :

	1) peer to peer instead of a client/server setup (so there are no special nodes, scaling is  complex) 

	2) peers negotiate links with different speeds

	3) a peer has relatively long lived links to a few other peers - so it's a mesh network.

	4) are there nodes that connect to web cesspool services and other arpanet services? How would that work? Notice that web cesspool servers send data in big chunks/high speed bursts, which is not compatible with constant rate links. 

>'chaff' might have been a problem if the people who host the nodes had some limited-data Internet service, but I am aware that Centurylink now offers 1 gigabit service for $65 monthly,

	peers have to pay for their connections. So it's up to every user how much they pay and how much capacity their nodes have. 

> and I think that service has no monthly data limit.  

	that's probably bullshit and fraud, aka 'marketing' and not really related to the design of an anonimity network

>  I also thought of an idea to encrypt, or at least combine the outputs of two output nodes to generate the final data.   Why?   It is frequently (and quite wisely!) recommended that a home-user NOT act as an output node, 

	in principle there shouldn't be output nodes, but if there are, then don't expect much anonimity from them.

	As to hardware, that's something that each user should acquire himself, just like they choose an ISP.

	Things like the raspberries are relatively cheap and the specs look good, BUT they are garbage manufactured by broadcom-mosad-gchq-nsa. At any rate, an anonimity network is a software project and doesn't need to be 'bundled' with any particular hardware. 

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