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Wed May 6 16:39:47 PDT 2020

Hi everyone,
Just touching base with the cypherpunk lists.

Indeed I am quite frustrated with the list, but who cares, I think this project deserves interest (like many other out there this is true), but at least I'd like to say I am alive and still evolving the project.

Last time I surfaced I was anpha-11, now I am compiling alpha-22; it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n roll.

I've post this in reddit, calling for alpha testers.

If you know about crypto and have explorer soul and you're so kind, please help me constructively to make this tech mainstream. It could pay off.

On other matters, how are you doing?, anyway, Thanks for your feedback, no matter negative or positive.

Best wishes and regards,

Other Arkitech

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