Sustainable anarchist 'communities'

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at
Tue May 5 18:11:59 PDT 2020

Thank you again Cari.  Some thoughts:

For anything to last, there must be relevence or perhaps "reality", for the individual.

Fear is one reality, along with love, and survival, and joy and much more.

The survival imperative, gives rise to fear of the unknown (such as a virus) as well as to action.

Some actions are more grounded in reality than others.

One foundation of sustainable anarchist communities, or families, or individuals, is food and water.

Sustaining ones body is a fundamental to survival.

So too is protection from hail storms, and extremes of heat and cold, thus the need for some form of shelter, be it a bridge, or a mansion.

Many clamour for trappings (the mansions, cars etc) to Keep up with Jones's, and without sufficient thought, enslave themselves for decades to usurious banks.

Since abundance is an engineering problem, wisdom might decree cooperation with fellow humans to manifest abundance, without the enslavement of decades of usurious interest payments.  Example - a barn raising, credit cooperatives (before they get bought out by a bank), food growing cooperatives, barter.

Abundance is "merely" an engineering problem... we should work together to uplift, not enslave.

For something to be real to the individual, pathways of action must be cognized, and many also require social validation/reinforcement (thus, pathetic virtue signalling).

Trailblazers or "pioneers" (e.g. RMS) do not need social validation.

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