[liberationtech] Using Passport NFC Chip To Do Proof-of-Work

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue May 5 05:56:40 PDT 2020

> From: Jan Lindemann <panda at panda.cat>
> via Perry the Censors Cryptography Mailing List <cryptography at metzdowd.com>

> https://medium.com/@janmoritz_48488/using-the-nfc-chip-of-the-passport-to-do-proof-of-work-b77e1a5343a1

>  I came up with a funny idea on how to create an
> egalitarian

In this socialist doctrine (fix: s/let/enforce/ intention) a...

> ... POW mechanism that would let everyone have the same or a very
> similar "hashing rate".
> SHA256 or Scrypt hashing algorithms.

Typical POW cryptocurrency generally doesn't require this sameness.
Only enough well distributed unique, thereby oddswise noncolluding
participants, such that cost of attack by [colluding] adversaries is
too high. Some debates expose ASIC issues therein more than CPU.

In the equal civil rights doctrine...
Well tx mining not necessarily just about freedom right to making
money therein...

Tx mining also known to be a willful rational and necessary
self contribution as needed to support the security and operation
of the blockchain networks one has adopted, therein their interests
held on them preserved, else fail.

> This feature consists in having a private key contained within the chip
> signing a challenge to prove that it hasn't been cloned.

Not without both a [central] key registry, and location, accounts, or
other anal probe tracking to discriminate discard such clones work units.

And without, then loading 1k unique privkeys to 1k blank chips
to run a 1k advantage.

> Passports have likely a similar singing rate

1k custom asci passport chip emulators don't.

> people are likely to only have one passport.

Only sub n%, the elite, of population afford or have
reason to cross "borders" or even have passport.
This in conflict with cryptocurrency empowerment for
minority world to route around ignore and level elite
impediments such as the State.

"Passports" are for sale since forever, and dual or more is a thing.
And printable for $1 each by governments attacking the coin.

Then the idea that one should and must enter themselves into total
submission to the State via the biometric fully doxxed surveilled
databased lightswitch control path to a nightmare papers please
upon demand to do anything world... just to have access to use
or mine or support a bit of such equally corrupted and infected money...
That people should just submit themselves and their NFC ID to
crossreferencing with the pools, the State Departments,
retail stores, logging, etc...

All of that.... just disgustingly offensive to the entire nature
of cryptocurrency born infused with cryptoanarchy cypherpunk.

Those who want that monetary controlfreak surveillance censorship
lack of freedom in their lives just go stick with their beloved
Gov Fed Corp POS Libra central bank fiat shitcoin.
That's all 99+% of the wannabe cryptocurrencies being
shilled out there amount to anyways.

Far more people own a commodity computing device,
including phone cpu's, they can contribute spare software
cycles to a coin as desired, no State required.

And if really wanted the NFC DSC function (another word for a CA)
asserting over human or device or key (address), for some reason
like smart contracts, this can just as easily be done via
traditional distributed P2P PKI WoT keysigning on the
blockchain, no GovCorp required.

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