nationalism vs globalism - urgent need for national tarriffs and bilateral arrangements - Australia, America, Japan, USA - possible false dichotomies

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Tue May 5 02:49:33 PDT 2020

As false a dichotomy as it may be, on a choice between globalism and nationalism, I choose not globalism.

Australians - all ~13 million whites - simply cannot compete against ~1.4 billion Chinese willing to work for literally a few dollars a day.

Globalism means no tarriffs in Australia protecting Australian jobs.

Jobs for Aussies, rather than enslaving and entraining government "dole" handouts and the consequent DGAF population that results, requires what we may term "reindustrialization".

Whilst we have a government, and prior versions of this government deindustrialized Australia by literally exporting almost our entire manufacturing sector to China, and removed all tarriffs, and therefore we lost most of our jobs, it is right that the present version of our government is getting behind MAGA, which may as well be an alias for reindustrialization.

Previous government caused the problem (deindustrialization) so the present government appears to now be allowed to fix the problem, in the face of the China virus and Wuhan Health Organisation.

The situation applies in America.

To speed up this reindustrialization, our respective governments have no choice but to reintroduce significant import tarriffs, possibly up to 100% or more.

We in Australia, and I believe also the USA, simply cannot compete against the will of the Chinese to work for peanuts.

So in the context of all this, and in the face of a lack of viable options (sorry about the dichotomy, feel free to suggest better moves forward), I choose and support nationalism over globalism.

We have the right to act "collectively" by proxy of our government, at least to the extent this is possible/a reality.

To the extent it helps return Australian jobs to Australia, and Australian land and the fruits thereof to Australians, and whilst we have a government and are awaiting the promised anarchist utopia, our government can even use targetted export taxes where appropriate, e.g. on beef, or land sale by foreigners etc., in order to get this renationalisation show on the road...

Interestingly, there are shimmers of a simmering discontent, some of which may well be putting a rocket boosted shiver up the spine of the Rothschilds:

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   Authored by Joshua Mapperson via,

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