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Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Mon May 4 19:48:43 PDT 2020

On Mon, May 4, 2020, 22:49 Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:

> Cecilia,
> I've embarrassed you in public

Nah, relax.  No unnecessary stress, please.  You didn't embarrass me in any
sense.  I only laugh a bit, sorry!  ;)

and am likely to do it again unless somebody can help me understand you
> better.

Sorry, nobody understands me better than myself.  I am who I am, just it.

> You're living for so long with sorry it is hard for me to phrase this as
> always, severe persistent violent repeated ongoing breaking of your body
> that is incredibly incredibly empowering?  It sounds so interesting.

Oh, I always heal pretty well after my accidents, don't worry so much.
Time, patience and a bit of care and - tcharan! - awesomely new again!  :D

I am also not sure how to say this politely: It is normal to cry about such
> things, and for communities to rush to aid and protect the people to whom
> they happen.  And this also I am not sure how to say politely right now: We
> need to model that some day, so that it will happen to ot
> Cecilia, although you may

Hmm...  I think I lost some words here.

Well, Karl, sorry for taking so many naps and also my "beauty sleep", but
these medicines make me painless, but sick and pretty sleepy.

I need to sleep while I can.  After the surgery it will be very very hard
to sleep in the first days and I will take three months for healing.

Wolverine comics - muuuch better than all the Marvel movies! - always
teached me to have sleep, food, and water while I can, because we don't
know what will happen in the next minutes.  So I do it since my early

Usually, I almost don't sleep and my body hates it.  Always is harder for
healing and I need patience, but this time I think I will sleep and, with
some luck, having no nightmares.

Relax, please.  You are more anxious than me when I am having a hardcore
insomnia crisis.  Listen to some music.

Oh, I love the ocean...  But will never try to have sex in the sea again.
Almost died trying it.  You know, I love breathing, hahahahaha!!!  ;D

Good night, boy.  Sweet dreams.


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