There is another automated system that can control crowds of people.

Karl gmkarl at
Mon May 4 18:49:35 PDT 2020


I've embarrassed you in public and am likely to do it again unless somebody
can help me understand you better.

You're living for so long with sorry it is hard for me to phrase this as
always, severe persistent violent repeated ongoing breaking of your body
that is incredibly incredibly empowering?  It sounds so interesting.

I am also not sure how to say this politely: It is normal to cry about such
things, and for communities to rush to aid and protect the people to whom
they happen.  And this also I am not sure how to say politely right now: We
need to model that some day, so that it will happen to ot
Cecilia, although you may

On Mon, May 4, 2020, 12:56 PM Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka at>

> Karl, still alive, don't worry.  No panic.  I am almost immortal, I
> swear.  More lives than 9 (nine!!!) cats together, do you remember?  :)
> You can ask about my health and my several accidents in the local OAB, the
> Brazilian Bar Association.  They usually call me "Highlander, the
> immortal", hahahaha!!!  ;D
> About my pain...  Well, sorry for scaring you, but now I need to tell
> something a bit embarrassing about me.
> Already suffered several accidents and ruined some points of spine and
> back having unusual habits and sex in non usual places.
> Example: - Years ago, I broke my coccyx while having sex with my fiance in
> the office stairs at night.  He was pretty excited, and while still fucking
> me, threw me several stairs away, hahahaha!!!  It was f*cking painful, but
> was so funny that I laugh until the hospital.  Obviously, the doctor asked
> why I was almost naked and laugh more than me.
> Already fell of several trees, bushes, stairs, walls, etc, and suffered
> many accidents with skates, cars, robbers, stalkers, a lot of things...
> Broke and/or had several injuries in both feets, both legs, arms, fingers,
> spine, neck, head, some ribs, and so goes on...
> Now, my spine will need the fourth surgery because the pain is becoming
> unsupportive even for me.  Usually, I am considered pretty resistant to
> pain for all my doctors.
> And all these pains, muscles tension, lack of decent sleep, and stress are
> causing strong migraines.  I do hate opioids and their disgusting effects,
> but usual medication is not enough for controlling my physical pain in the
> moment.
> Sorry, I don't know to say it politely, but since yesterday, I am very
> busy disgorging everything, even my internal organs and soul.  :P
> So, being sincere, I am trying to rest a bit, because I had fever and
> vomit, so I need to keep myself hydrated to avoid another physical
> disaster.  And I am trying to discover what the hell happened with my
> wi-fi.  I am using 4G for giving you some feedback.
> Please, try to relax.  You are so stressed, boy.  Remember my cellphone is
> not so awesome like me - hahahaha!!! - and sucks a lot.  Much more than I
> already sucked something in my whole life, hahahaha!!!  ;D
> Tender kisses and straight hugs.  Just relax and be well, please.  <3
> Ceci
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