KGB propaganda - Re: On the need for banks

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Mon May 4 15:23:19 PDT 2020

> > > > How does one get their clothes?
> > >
> > >         you buy them or make them yourself
> >
> > And how does one "buy" them?
>         tell us about the Supreme Powers of the joo god marcos

I guess that means you ran out of ideas, so let me tell you about GOD
then.  S/He's not all-powerful, otherwise the flood would have never
occurred.  And, by the way, it is easy to cover the earth with water:
just lower the land by 5 miles.  The Truth is more complicated and has
to do with the fact that reality isn't a classical object, for the
sake of theorists.

It's not a Jew GOD, either, antisemite.  By definition, GOD created
Jew and Gentile alike.  S/He just preferred those who are loyal.  Fair
or oppressive?


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