CIA-KGB propaganda - Re: On the need for banks

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Mon May 4 12:29:52 PDT 2020

On Mon, 4 May 2020 22:14:35 +1000
"Zig the N.g" <ziggerjoe at> wrote:

> Yes, US dollars are 'backed' by the US military.
> No, dollars are not created by the US government.

	Of course they are. The US military is the most fundamental branch of the US government and 'society'.

	So let me rephrase : dollars are created by the US government by means of its central bank and its military forces (aka US child murderers)

> > 	So, you're advocating US nationalism and US 'national banks' - as if the US central bank hadn't already been created 100 years ago. 
> Hopefully it should now be clear 

	what is clear now is that you're insane or trolling. It's also clear that you're likely to be taking too much amphetamine, since only that sort of drug can explain incredible long and idiotic messages.

> > 	And you're advocating for the 're-industrialization' of the biggest technofascist state on the planet. 
> > 
> > 	are you insane, retarded, trolling or what 

	aww what a cute, little, dishonest retard. Instead of addressing the fact that you want the worst technofascist criminals on the planet, the US, to 're-industrialize' you vomited four more pages of amphetamine-fueled KGB spam.

	good job! your credentials as trumpo-putin fascist are perfect.

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