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Sun May 3 04:03:22 PDT 2020

The IMF/BIS system of servitude to internation debt banksters presently rules much of the world.

One of the ways to reinforce a nation against such predatory oligarchical financial rule, is a state-run development bank, one which strictly issues its loans in the national currency only (and not in foreign currencies), and perhaps one which issues loans -only- to small and medium sized businesses and startups, leaving large corporations to the main stream banks.

The origin finance or money for such a bank, must be no more and no less than the credit money issued by the government/nation itself, and NO private interests!

The interest rates for such a bank must be the exclusive and eternal prerogative of the government, and in no way beholden to private or external interests.

Loans must be issued at long term fixed, and 'low', interest rates.

Such a system shall rebuild nationalism without the private interest

This appears to be the case in Russia, as much as it is the case in America, Australia and elsewhere.

One of the great challenges for state leaders such as Putin and Trump, is shifting the financial game to one which benefits those much closer to the bottom of the financial pyramid (at least in the first instance of new money issuance) rather than first and primarily the top of the pyramid.

The greed maintaining poverty and effectively extreme servitude in the bottom layers of the pyramid is the seed of its own just and proper demise.

Yet getting there still requires both

   1) a leader willing to shift the game to strengthen lower layers of the financial hiearchy

   2) a leader sufficiently supported, that he is not murdered before implementing such a "nation wide beneficial" financial regime - J.F.K. being a prime example of such failure

A study of the present Russian case, courtesy The Saker:

   Is There a Russian Nationalist '6th Column' Trying to Undermine Putin?
   Is There a “6th Column” Trying to Subvert Russia?

      .. Under Putin the Russian foreign policy has been such a success that even the Russian liberals, very reluctantly, admit that he did a pretty good job. However, the internal, many financial, policies of Russia have been a disaster. Just one example, the fact that the major Russian banks are bloated with their immense revenues, did not prevent millions of Russians from living in poverty and many hundreds of thousands of Russian small/family businesses of going under due to the very high interest rates.

      One key problem in Russia is that both the Central Bank and the major commercial banks only care about their profits. What Russia truly needs is a state-owed DEVELOPMENT bank whose goal would not be millions and billions for the few, but making it possible for the creativity of the Russian people to truly blossom. Today, we see the exact opposite in Russia.

      .. Yes, the Moscow elites will be furious, but it is also high time to tell these folks that they don’t own Russia, and that while they could make a killing prostituting themselves to the Empire, most Russian don’t want to do that. ..

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