US Congress: EARN IT Act Set to Fuck Over Crypto and Privacy Against Everyone

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 2 16:05:51 PDT 2020

"But if we look at how companies would apply the "best practices," it
becomes clear that the government is intending to make these features
difficult to provide, that the government is looking to discourage
companies from offering -- and increasing the use of -- these
features. By accepting EARN IT, we will give up our ability -- and our
children's future abilities -- to enjoy online, social, connected and
private lives. Four of the "best practices" relate to requiring
companies to have the ability to "identify" child sexual abuse
material. Unfortunately, it's not possible to identify this material
without also having the ability to identify any and all other types of
material -- like a journalist communicating with a source, an activist
sharing a controversial opinion or a doctor trying to raise the alarm
about the coronavirus. Nothing prevents the government from later
expanding the bill to cover other illegal acts, such as violence or
drugs. And what happens when foreign governments want to have a say in
what is "legal" and what is not?"

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