Hijack your brains away from authoritative centralized networks [re: Stanford info-sec]

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat May 2 03:04:33 PDT 2020

> https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3355369.3355581
> Profiling BGP Serial Hijackers: Capturing Persistent Misbehavior in the Global Routing Table
> BGP hijacks remain an acute problem in today's Internet, with widespread
> consequences. ... We analyze and categorize these networks,
> finding a wide range of indicators of malicious activity, misconfiguration...
> Our work ... aid network operators in taking proactive measures to
> defend themselves

Liberators and the liberated should find some philosophical
conflict of interest in, or wish to avoid, same old [re]establishing
or fixing or operating, of such old legacy models of centrally
repressive physically controlled, paytracked, biometrically ID'd,
access passed, recorded, socially scored and lightswitch de-righted
de-existed, no alternative or negotiation permitted, authoritatively
administered networks.

Seek more to establish a diversity of new distributed encrypted
point-to-point and p2p networks over uncensorable spread spectrum
random noise, build out anarchically joined cooperatives of multipath
p2p fiber laying and guerrilla meshnets around the globe.
Cooperative fiber, shovels, radios, opensource, and any old PC router
cost less than few years worth of corp internet bills they extract
from you, pays back your freedom investment in spades. One tool:

Papers all calling to liberate from whatever to democracy, this
not really being to any more enlightened state of liberation and
freedom than the whatever before. You still get same retardedly
brutal coronavirus lockdowns, and everything else, no matter form.

Same as there is no "fix" to democracy, one cannot "fix" a
centralized system of govcorp internet pipes whose only
real interest is control over you, your money stream to them,
and now rampant censorship of your voices.

Helping make their pipes or democracy "stronger" does
nothing but leave you no room for the freedom to live freely.
Their pipes, BGP, and measures are theirs for them, hardly
yours for you. Stop building and using their centralized tools
for your own control and demise. Build and run something
new, yours, distributively, anarchically.

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