Top Secret: 20+TB SSD is nothing

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Mar 31 18:35:52 PDT 2020


> One hundred of those things packed into a 3 1/2 inch hard disk size, maybe?
>  Of 25 terabytes?   Add another $200 for the controller CPU, hardware,

256GB generic (probably OEM Adata's) USB 3.1 $28, work fine.
256GB generic SD 10uhs-1 is $33.
25TiB of either would be around $3100.
1TB of SATA SSD is $1000, 25TiB around $2800.
Retail flash is at least 5x more $ than platters.

That's all retail so a production run would be quite cheaper
once you get a PCB run, some bulk trays of flash and junk,
and an easybake oven to flow solder in house,
seems pretty clear you could make a killing bidding the
likes of whoever they were selling 25TB to at $40k.

The chip makers will quote you trays without much fuss.
Or try OEM the whole thing.

Marketing a either 10x size, or speed, or both... will profit.

> (Warning!  Most 'off brand' micro-SD devices are FAKE)

Capacity fill test.

Flash and hard drives do compression now, so to speed test
you can't use /dev/zero, use /dev/urandom instead.

> Something like that should be available already.

Haven't seen anything.

Users with basic 10Mbps internet would take 255 days to fill one.

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