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Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Mar 31 18:26:59 PDT 2020

On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 05:28:44PM -0700, Se7en wrote:
> I have still never heard any reply regarding my account's status. I
> request a reply. I have numerous legitimate archiving material I wish
> to upload. While the account associated with this email was only a
> year old at time of being locked-out, I have been with the site under
> several other email addresses for much longer, including
> se7en at (all of which I have lost the password information
> for).
> My account at se7en at was my newest account. For a refresher
> (as the events leading to this were a year ago), my account was banned
> without notice after uploading both the manifesto and the Facebook
> Live(tm) video of Brendan Tarrant. These items should be incredibly
> valued as an archive. However, one item continually was deleted (the
> video), and the Manifesto was region-blocked apparently by the French
> Government, a state that has /no/ connection nor authority whatsoever
> over material made in New Zealand and distributed in the United
> States.
> In my anger, I re-uploaded both, and made numerous attempts at
> contact via the email address I'm sending this mail to now. It was
> less than 72 hours later when I was no longer permitted to log into my
> account. Never did I receive explanation, nor replies to any of my
> emails.
> I continue to send these emails once in a while to see if I can
> receive a reply. I want an account with your non-profit and feel that
> the actions against my account were forms of censorship. I request my
> user account be reinstated.
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As long as you understand that a war is ongoing - a war between nations, and a war between powers and people - and that various psy-op material and its publication is considered "owned" by TPTB.  Tarrant appears (from what I've heard) to pick up ammo as he "proceeds" through the mosque "shooting" people.

A great accounting reconciliation is under way - the true reason for Kung Flu covd lockdown.

An angels trumpet blew just a few weeks ago - some can feel the amazing shift in energy - for some, like a load is lifted, for others the opposite.

The results shall be seen in time...

Stay safe.

Good speed and goodwill,

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