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Se7en se7en at
Tue Mar 31 17:28:44 PDT 2020

I have still never heard any reply regarding my account's status. I
request a reply. I have numerous legitimate archiving material I wish
to upload. While the account associated with this email was only a
year old at time of being locked-out, I have been with the site under
several other email addresses for much longer, including
se7en at (all of which I have lost the password information

My account at se7en at was my newest account. For a refresher
(as the events leading to this were a year ago), my account was banned
without notice after uploading both the manifesto and the Facebook
Live(tm) video of Brendan Tarrant. These items should be incredibly
valued as an archive. However, one item continually was deleted (the
video), and the Manifesto was region-blocked apparently by the French
Government, a state that has /no/ connection nor authority whatsoever
over material made in New Zealand and distributed in the United

In my anger, I re-uploaded both, and made numerous attempts at
contact via the email address I'm sending this mail to now. It was
less than 72 hours later when I was no longer permitted to log into my
account. Never did I receive explanation, nor replies to any of my

I continue to send these emails once in a while to see if I can
receive a reply. I want an account with your non-profit and feel that
the actions against my account were forms of censorship. I request my
user account be reinstated.

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