Top Secret: 20+TB SSD is nothing

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Tue Mar 31 13:56:32 PDT 2020

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>User works for a company that also sells classified
SSD systems to government.
20TB is what they can post without getting fired,
in production for over 2 years.
Utah has much bigger, and you're in it.

>Anyone do a raw component and assembly cost
workup on 25 / 50 / 100 TB class units?

Sorry about the delay.  I've been out of the SSD business for 28 years.  when in, the only thing we had was DRAMs, which at the time were 4Meg chips, and 9 of them fit on a 9-chip 30-pin SIMM card.  The largest SemiDisk we made held 54 megabytes of these  (14 SIMMs, back when hard drives typically held 200 megabytes.  

Micro SD cards are truly amazing things, the size of your pinky-fingernail..  When I built my 64 kilobyte main memory "Bellyache I" Z-80 computer (Parody name from "Illiac IV", a massively parallel computer in the late 1960's,  ) I had 8" floppy disks which held 240 kilobyes on a single-sided, single-density floppy.  I first paid $5 for a Maxell.   The capacity seemed huge!   Nearly would hold a paperback book size of data.

It would be possible to imagine a small box that held as many micro-SD's as could be crammed into the volume.  The lowest-cost-per-gigabyte units are probably about 256 gigabyte micro-sd.  $35 each, maybe, .
(Warning!  Most 'off brand' micro-SD devices are FAKE)

One hundred of those things packed into a 3 1/2 inch hard disk size, maybe?   Of 25 terabytes?   Add another $200 for the controller CPU, hardware, etc. 
Something like that should be available already.  But I haven't looked.  

             Jim Bell

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