Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Mar 31 06:49:24 PDT 2020

Hungary dispenses with the political theater, lie, scam, force, and
shell game known as "democracy", installs Orban as supreme dictator,
Honest Government Ad.

A coronavirus political bombshell went off in the heart of Europe,
grabbing world headlines early this week, after Hungary's parliament
voted to allow Prime Minister Viktor Orban sweeping emergency powers
deemed necessary to fighting the pandemic.
The bill approved by the nationalist government givens Orban the right
to rule by decree, without having to consult lawmakers or other
branches of government. It overwhelmingly passed 138 votes in favor
with 53 against — easily past the required two-thirds majority.
It predictably evoked immediate backlash from leaders across Europe
and the West...
"When this emergency ends, we will give back all powers, without exception."
He said the unprecedented legislation was necessary as "Changing our
lives is now unavoidable," according to prior statements. "Everyone
has to leave their comfort zone. This law gives the government the
power and means to defend Hungary."
Authorities can hand out up to five year prison sentences for
"spreading false information"
"The Government is not asking for anything extraordinary," ... We
don't want to enact measures that the Government has no general right
to enact

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