A snitch in time save nein - NZ gov "snitch" website crashes due to overload - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Mar 30 17:03:25 PDT 2020

Abhorrent, ingorant, dotile, self righteous, and self centred humans are on full display here, as they rush in a great clamour to snitch on their neighbours, crashing the New Zealand government website in a frenzy of "rule breaker" reporting:

  New Zealand Site Crashes as Locals Rush to Report Rule-Breaking Neighbors Amid Lockdown

      New Zealanders are so eager to report others for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules that the police website for reporting such cases crashed shortly after going live, local law enforcement officials revealed Monday.

      With New Zealand currently under a coronavirus lockdown, strict measures such as maintaining a distance of 2 meters from others have been imposed by authorities. Other restrictions include only allowing residents to leave their homes for essential reasons, i.e. for groceries or medical care.

      .. "We've had 4,200 reports of people believing others weren't complying," New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush is quoted as saying by AFP.

      "It shows how determined Kiwis [a nickname used to refer to people from New Zealand] are that everyone complies with us,” Bush added.

      .. “Not every one of these over 4,000 reports will result in a visit from police. For example, some are reports of people jogging or walking past. People are of course allowed to do this within their own neighbourhoods. We have been attending where there are large groups of people congregating,” an unidentified police spokesperson told the Guardian.

      According to Bush, at least three people in New Zealand have been detained for breaking the lockdown rules, one of whom remains in police custody. He also noted that campervans carrying tourists traveling throughout the country have been a sustained issue.

      New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also urged the public to report cases of people breaking lockdown measures.

      "Now is not the time to bend the rules. This is a time to stay at home and save lives," Ardern recently told reporters, according to AFP.


The greatest problem the anarchist faces is his lack of will (or occasionally lack of ability) to handle the humans in front of him.  The epic truth of sheeple's' true nature is often avoided in a self delusion of techno utopian/fascist "solutions".

It is -not- more technology we need.

How to inculcate sanity?

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