Cryptocurrency: Cloudflare Ditches ReCaptcha for HCaptcha

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Mar 30 15:04:50 PDT 2020

hCaptcha is a way for every website in the world to create a new
revenue stream from the work their visitors already do. Simply put,
when website users prove their humanity via a captcha (to keep out
bots and spam), website owners get paid.
   Lately there's a lot of concern over Google having significant
power over us on the Internet. Remember the whole CCN fiasco from
their tweak on their Algorithm?
    Well, reCAPTCHA is their product which is easy to set up, weak in
security, and essentially helps them train their driverless cars AI
for free. It's weak by design which allows for captcha solvers to beat
them like 2captcha and DeathbyCaptcha.
    We're different, hCaptcha helps connect companies (usually AI) who
are looking to get their Data labeled or more to sites that have
visitors who solve the labeling for them. Of course this is not free
for them, but it is free for anyone to implement on their Website to
earn from visitors solving them!
    So we're essentially running on the HUMAN Protocol Engine, and
we're going to be implementing a Token system called HMT, because it's
much easier to handle Micropayments and using the Proof of Balance
algorithm it allows labelers in the Data Exchange to prioritize their
    We've already got many sites up using our hCaptcha widget, and
we're looking to ask the folks in r/Cryptocurrency on what you guys
think, and if you have any questions. We recently set up our own
Subreddit and feel it's necessary to get feedback from the Crypto
community and hope to address any concerns!

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