PGP key Inevitably Faulty

John Young jya at
Mon Mar 30 07:22:49 PDT 2020

Digital encryption is inherently faulty due to the incompatibility of 
physical and electromagnetic. At the electron level there might be 
electronic security but getting from that level to the human 
accessible level is insurmountable.

Encryption products fudge the linkage with smoke and mirror analogues.

"Pretty good" is one of the few crypto products which accurately 
describe what is possible. All the others exaggerate, exculpate for 
inevitable failures, prevaricate, slickly market, promise to do 
better with upgrades and/or new.

Lately, comsec wizards market claims that's the best we can do, live 
with it, agitate for privacy legislation. Or cite Snowden's 
racketeering, SecureDrop, Signal, and continuous snake oiling.

Full Disclosure web site covers this endless apologia pretty good.

Background for the skeptical:

The Inevitability of Failure: The Flawed Assumption of Security in 
Modern Computing Environments (NSA, 1998)

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