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Sun Mar 29 05:27:26 PDT 2020

First, a bite on present conundrums: You can't cuck the Tuck, and Tucker Carlson rips into Western "elites" who sold out our manufacturing base (and therefore much of our employment) to China, from tech to pharmaceuticals and most of everything - even the US military has become dependent on Chinese manufacturing:

The entanglement we/the West, presently faces with China is a result of decades of oligarch gutting of the USA and other Western countries, by literally exporting entire sectors to China, often times along with the actual factories themselves (building, and contents) where Chinese 'engineers' would fly in, measure all the walls, desk and tool locations, pack everything up and ship it to China, and literally re-assemble the result in China, thereafter immediately selling the goods produced straight back to the West, but in this case, using Chinese labour at $1 a day per labourer and thereby steadily eliminating milliosn of productive jobs in the West.

Thus the West has been gutted for a few silver coins (to "the Western elites", and cheap(ish) trinkets for the rest of us).

    Now, we are in a time of reckoning.

This time we appear to have may be much less than 10 years - may be a year, may be two?

Self sufficiency in food, energy and essential technology (to build houses, transport), i.e. vertical integration, at the national level, and bilateral agreements (entanglement) only where nations have needs they cannot fulfil within their own borders, is a much more stable, long lasting system.  Russia has been forced by the Western financial sanctions, firmly into this direction, to a fortuitous and virtuous outcome for Russia, and a great example for the rest of us - we (each nation) need to "clean up our own back yards" so to speak.

This "vertical integration" model can apply, at various scales, further down the line - i.e. at the state level, the city level, the community/town/local levels.

There is nothing to stop us creating an amazing future for much of the world but for the classic sins (foibles/ passions of the mind/ malaise/ wrong thinkings/ neuroses) of humans - pride, greed, envy, lust, anger, gluttony, vanity, slothfulness, apathy.

Each such foible has a natural counterbalance or antidote, for example for lust, the antidote is discernment (discrimination in the old tongue):

  Just imagine being at a strip club and a gorgeous young dancer of your fancy
  gets down to nothing, finally flinging their underwear to a screaming crowd
  of lusty hailers clamouring for that itty bitty piece of cloth which just
  happens to be a flying ball of chlamydia (and the dancer did not even know at
  the time).

Discernment.  Discernment suggests caution, consideration of consequences and the like.

  - We have a spiritual duty to take a strong stand against morally abhorrent practices such as illicit organ harvesting of political prisoners.

  - We must remove profit as the utmost pursuit in the minds of Americans ("the American way") and others.

  - We ought take an interest and have a hand in our own survival - not taking all food and water for granted.

This reconciliation with our conscience -is- repentance and is necessary if we are to have a future worth living within - the "mandate of heaven" cannot reign and must be withdrawn whilst base human nature is glorified and upheld, and where those who (at least attempt to) live to a higher ethical standard are vilified, decried and imprisoned!

For example we cannot be training and fuelling jihadis for the attempted overthrow of an oil-pathway such as Syria on the one hand, and expect to be relieved of the consequences of such rampant greed and unashamed evil on the other.

Vertical integration at the national level could be a start to a reclamation of dignity for all humans.

Many will take the microchip in order to receive "free" money to buy food at the supermarket.

Many -think- we presently live in this world with an absolute right to various freedoms - to travel, to communicate, etc.

Some are so programmed they now think of housing, food, water, transport and even entertainment as human rights - such wrong thinking is of course abhorrent to reason, since receipt without effort implies the enslavement of others to provide such gibs - Ministry speak at its best!

If enough of us who see the truth of the beast coming down the pipeline, maintain our awareness of what's coming (the mark of the beast in order to buy or sell anything), and work towards self sufficiency in food, water and energy (for example), and share and grow this vision, we may after two or three generations reclaim the world we presently believe we live within (but appear to be about to lose).

Let's make our lives worthy of our own higher intentions.

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