abundant anecdotes, some humorous, on fear and more, from a Westerner in China - [PEACE]

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Fri Mar 27 20:02:46 PDT 2020

First, some warm fuzzies, Soul cookies, good deeds, may they sprout :)

For some possible insights into human fear reactions ("actions"), journeys of lock down in China, or just a somewhat enjoyable bunch of anecdotes whilst you sip on a Corona with Lyme twist, if you are bored or just want to read something mildly amusing for 15 minutes..

  Locked-Down: An American Caught In China During The COVID-19-Crisis Speaks Out

      [tongue firmly in cheek]
      .. "*Disclaimer: in my case, what I have believed all along is objectively true."

Bankrupt shale company trolls their bank :) :

  Bankrupt Oil Company Trolls Its Banks, Says They May Fail Too

    .. In its latest annual report filed late on Wednesday, Bloomberg uncovered that among EP’s list of risk factors the company also included the future of its debtor-in-possession loan which is EP’s primary source of cash, and - in an a delightful case of suicidal snark, the company wondered if that might be cut off, along with funds that would enable it to exit bankruptcy, if its banks were themselves to fail.

    .. "Although we believe that the banks participating in the DIP and Exit Facilities have adequate capital and resources, we can provide no assurance that all of those banks will continue to operate as going concerns in the future, or continue to participate in the facility."

    .. Even more amusing, this mini soap opera is taking place as EP tries to put together a new plan to exit from Chapter 11 after creditors Apollo Global Management and Elliott Management backed away from a court-approved plan that would have cut more than $3 billion of debt from its balance sheet; a plan that would need the blessing of its current bank syndicate whose appreciation for such "suicidal snark" may be overestimated.

And American consumers are "urged" to keep their money in their banks, for real-ski (this is not a comedy article, though the facts may contain inherent, albeit unintended, humour):

  "It's Safe!" - FDIC Urges Americans To Keep Their Money In The Banks

    Yesterday the Chair of the FDIC released an astonishing video asking Americans to keep their money in the bank.

    Accompanied by soft piano music playing in the background, the official said:

      “Your money is safe at the banks. The last thing you should be doing is pulling your money out of the banks thinking it’s going to be safer somewhere else.”

    Amazing. I was half expecting her to waive her hand and say, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…”

    As I’ve written before, there’s $250 TRILLION worth of debt in the world right now: student debt, housing debt, credit card debt, government debt, corporate debt, etc.

    And let’s be honest, some of that debt is simply not going to be paid.

    Millions of people have already lost their jobs. Millions more (like the 10 million waiters and bartenders across America) are barely earning anything right now because their businesses are closed.

    A lot of those folks have no emergency savings to fall back on during times of crisis, so they’re going to be forced to choose: pay the rent, or buy food.

    The government has already suspended evictions and foreclosures, which is a green light for people to stop paying the rent or mortgage.


Actually NOT fake news, this is real - Marvel franchise introduces 2 new superheros, literally "Snowflake" and "Safespace"! They're black of course (actually brown):

  Marvel Introduces Superheros "Snowflake" & "Safespace"

    .. (Snowflake is non-binary and uses pronouns they/them/their.)

    Snowflake creates icy throwing stars, while Safespace has more defensive powers. Both use “violence to combat bullying,” according to the author.

    They must also be antifa members if they respond to words and dissenting opinions with violence.

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