"heroin candies are a human right" - hypothetical toddler world

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at yandex.com
Thu Mar 26 04:43:55 PDT 2020

So imagine trying to "talk a heroin addict toddler out of eating heroin candies"..

According to the Amblin Memer, this is -almost- the world we live in, which he presents in the following incisive and cutting, intellectual argument:

  Giving Heroin to Toddlers

    [very slutty pic, definitely NOT attached]

      .. You must understand this: men who defend slutty behavior in women are no different than people saying toddlers should have free choice of whether or not they eat heroin candies. These men are enablers. They do not care about fixing society, they do not care about helping women, they only care about serving women and doing the commands of women in order to get little pats on the head, as they hope that eventually a woman will take pity on them and reward them with sex.

      These men must also be shamed and humiliated, and called out as faggots whose minds and souls are dominated by women. Because they are lower than the sluts themselves. They are the ones making it possible for the sluts to behave like they do, and unlike the sluts, they are not even getting any benefits from this behavior. They are not getting pleasure. They are simply engaging in a masochistic exercise, due to the weakness of their character.

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