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Tue Mar 24 21:50:53 PDT 2020

On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 07:51:09 -0400
John Young <jya at> wrote:

> If "invisible threat" coronavirus had not been cooked up by 
> shamanistic scientists, handmaids of natsec, it would be something 
> like it. Apple drop innocence killed.
> Wait, wait, is this not Trump/Breibart/Stormer/Alex Jones/Fox 
> News/Internet putrid bullshit par excellence, mes amis?

	so what is the gallant fighter against 'sexual predators' and feminazi agent young saying here, exactly? 

	is he trying to mock the self evident 'hypothesis' that flu hysteria is nothing but a cooked up exercise in world wide propaganda and insanity?

	by the way, agent young has been 'interviewed' by agent jones - isn't that funny? I mean, it's quite obvious that alex jones' job is to discredit 'conspiracy theories'...

> Cough, cough, katchoo, snot splatter your paraniod naked face.

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