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John Young jya at
Tue Mar 24 04:51:09 PDT 2020

Trump is notorious for promoting amazingly good news and 
profitability, building up debt backed by public assurances, 
subsidies and tax avoidance, then when the paper-mache-of-contracts 
construction collapses, walking away hooting with banks debt is good 
for the economy, creates jobs, win-win-win. This is his long-time 
method of operation to shift profits to himself and huge debts to the 
public. National debt the sweetest of honey and myrrh for believers 
in take the money and run.

He is hardly alone in this, to be sure, national security-based 
econo-olitical systems, engorged by fabricated, exaggerated threats 
to nations ever renewed by secret reports and periodic outbursts of 
violence, natural or man-made, are the most common form of government 
and has been since the racket was invented, taught in schools and 
churches, bribed in clubs and parades, venerated in cemetaries and 
monuments and marble piles and luxurious estates.

If "invisible threat" coronavirus had not been cooked up by 
shamanistic scientists, handmaids of natsec, it would be something 
like it. Apple drop innocence killed.

Wait, wait, is this not Trump/Breibart/Stormer/Alex Jones/Fox 
News/Internet putrid bullshit par excellence, mes amis?

Cough, cough, katchoo, snot splatter your paraniod naked face.

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