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Mon Mar 23 21:41:57 PDT 2020

Possibility of a military lock down ("Level 5" or whatever they call it) in about 2 weeks.

(I.e. scratch this morning's prediction of 6 or so weeks or more!  You might have 2 weeks to prepare for the following few weeks.)

Any cash balances in your bank accounts may disappear, or if your're super lucky may in some way be converted to the new semi-global currency on the way.
So probably better to spend any cash lying around.
Rum may well hold its value better than fiat currency cash, over the coming month or so.

 - New Zealand parliament today announced they too are going home, this for 6 weeks (vs Australia at officially "6 months" for our federal parliament).
   Parliamentary suspensions all over the place - a quick will find some of them, e.g. Ottawa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

  Coronavirus: Defence Force, police to patrol streets during New Zealand's Covid-19 Lockdown
    Police officers and Defence Force personnel will patrol New Zealand's streets to ensure compliance with public health measures as the country goes into lockdown over the ... "I can understand that seeing an increase in presence by police and our military may not...

  Coronavirus live news: UK goes into lockdown as WHO...
    UK: police to enforce lockdown. Heather Stewart and Rowena Mason report on the drastic new measures just announced that will take the UK into lockdown ... Coronavirus live updates Australia: national cabinet to consider lockdowns of Covid-19 hotspots – latest.

  COVID 19 Delhi Lockdown: Police to issue... | PINKVILLA
    After imposing a lockdown in Delhi, the state police seals inter-state borders and will be issuing curfew ... According to media reports, after announcing the lockdown in Delhi, the government has decided to take strict actions against anyone violating the instructions.

  Doctor's plea to place Australia into lockdown due to...
    Australia's top doctors come together to beg Scott Morrison to place Australia into total lockdown NOW and say they are 'terrified' of the coronavirus. ... Robot designed in China could help save lives amid COVID-19 crises.

endless articles/news/propaganda to this effect.

"Is my house in order?"

Good luck muh fellow Souls,

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*Just got a call from a friend works at Woolworths,....they’ve been told
that a military lockdown is in place in a fortnight,...only one individual
per household can visit supermarket per day,...its all to be heavily

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