Corona cash -- Fw: Aussie parliament: Hand out $84 billion in cash, then piss off for 5 months

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Mon Mar 23 16:25:15 PDT 2020

Take notice:

OK, so with broad compliance (acceptance of the lock down) within our community obviating the "need" for a heavier "sanction against the unruly" such as electricity grid "lights out", and a steady ratcheting of the "don't panic" narrative so that folks are finally dawning with the awareness that "something's happening, may be I should buy some spare toilet paper and pasta", and finally the "Western" money reset on our doorstep, the Aussie parliament has done a sensible thing (from the point of view of TPTB) increasing welfare cheques by ~$250 per week.

Then, they packed up parliament for the next 5 months.  Literally.

Yes, you read that right.

What does it mean?

It means that welfare recipients in Australia (those who tend to live week to week at subsistence level) are about to get some relevant cash to stock up on toilet paper, pasta and potatoes, starting nowish, and first arriving (per the normal dole cycle) over the coming two weeks - also, these additional payments might continue for a couple of months it seems.

Why is this is a "good thing"?

Those otherwise unable, are now able to do a little stockpiling.  If this is relevant to you, let's be grateful for how merciful this actually is.

Seriously, if you have not done so already, take the steps you need to, to be ready for a month long "full" lock down!

It may not be a full month, or it may end up being a little more. Some guess it should only need to be about two weeks.

What does this predict?

This tells us that folks should have two or three payment cycles (4 to six weeks) to get their house in order, set aside a few supplies for the Level 5 "hard" lockdown which is evidently coming.

It also means we're perhaps about 3 months out from the global financial reset.

Russia at least has positioned herself extraordinarily well for a beautiful sovereign seat!  Thank you Putin!  We shall soon see the beginnings of the shape of the new, this time multi polar, world order.

Our gutless cowards in Canberra Australia have sold our nation out to the highest NWO bidder to the tune of about a trillion dollars, despite the fact we mine so much gold we could have fully backed our entire currency with about 10 years of our sovereign gold output!

Alas, we are likely to repeat another "century of humiliation" as Rothschild's bitches.

As some might say, "you get what you f#@4ing deserve"; howso? well, the fine conspiracy theorists at cypherpunks, anti-empire, duran, russia-insider and even Donald Trump himself prior to being elected, have been diligently highlighting certain conspiracies^Bfacts, for many years now, but humans, the sheeple or plebes or plebles, in general "just wanna watch the footy, stop bugging me moron!"

Notwithstanding, again, let's be grateful for the reprieve right now, that almost everyone is being granted the means to stash some staples for the coming transition.

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Hand out $84 billion in cash, then piss off for 5 months :)

  Coronavirus stimulus package worth $84 billion passed without objection by Parliament

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