Tracing COVID-19 cases with Google Timeline?

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Mon Mar 23 15:07:20 PDT 2020

On Mon, 23 Mar 2020 21:41:30 +0000 (UTC)
jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:

> >> Israel passes emergency law to use mobile data for flu contact tracing
> >   Can you explain what that means in terms of libertarianism and cypherpunk principles?

> Yes, I could take the time.   Israel doesn't claim to be a nation operating under the principles of libertarianism.  Should it be?  Yes. As should every nation. 

	really. So you stated two obvious and irrelevant facts. The joo state are criminals and they shouldn't be criminals. (second one is a moral fact)

> So, they are adopting this law.  If participating in this practice was voluntary, there probably won't be a problem. 

	Of course there would be problems even if it was 'voluntary' 

	So, you failed to make any meaningful connection between libertarian principles, isreal's fascism, surveillance and flu hysteria. 

> I believe that this system could be structured so as to minimize loss of privacy, 

	which is nonsense. And the idea that people 'should' be tracked like cattle is of course antithetical to cypherpunk principles. 

> I suspect that many and probably  most newly-discovered victims of Coronavirus will not object to having their prior locations tracked, if their "true name" or true identity isn't identified.  

	same nonsense repeated. It should also be taken into account that 'most people' are not in their right mind but suffering from mass delusion. 

> Details I will omit, for now.  Similarly, I think that most people who don't know themselves to be infected would voluntarily sign up for a service to alert them if they were "close" to a Coronavirus carrier.


> Keep in mind that I asked for a dicussion of this issue to occur about a month ago.   If you have a problem with the idea, you  should have participated in discussions long before now.

	I saw some post of yours that mentioned google-nsa-gchq and I kinda suspected that you had the exact technofacist idea you have just presented. I ignored it at that time and I'm shredding it to pieces now. 

> And not merely made snide comments.  As some do.  

	"snide comments" 

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