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This is not a description of the effect of Covid-19. The mucous in the lungs of the victim is thick, solidifies, and prevents respiration .

On March 23, 2020 12:30:33 AM PDT, Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:
>Not pretty:
>"Holy Shit, This Is Not The Flu": Medical Worker Describes Terrifying
>Lung Failure From COVID-19... Even In Young [<60 years old] Patients
>   .. They suddenly become unresponsive or go into respiratory failure.
>.. “It’s called acute respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS. That means
>the lungs are filled with fluid. And it’s notable for the way the X-ray
>looks: The entire lung is basically whited out from fluid. Patients
>with ARDS are extremely difficult to oxygenate. It has a really high
>mortality rate, about 40%. The way to manage it is to put a patient on
>a ventilator. The additional pressure helps the oxygen go into the
>“Normally, ARDS is something that happens over time as the lungs get
>more and more inflamed. But with this virus, it seems like it happens
>    ...

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