Recommend hackable tablet?

Douglas Lucas dal at
Mon Mar 23 12:27:22 PDT 2020

Regarding external keyboard, ideally something wired, not wireless/radio
such as bluetooth. Thanks!

On 2020-03-23 02:26, Douglas Lucas wrote:
> Hey cypherpunks,
> I have never really used a tablet before. When I say "tablet" I, like
> many, picture in my head an iPad.
> I would like to order a tablet or two online. My six criteria are:
> 1) Hackable. So that I could put some generic Linux thing on it, the way
> an everyday smart user, who is not employed by the Free Software
> Foundation, puts Ubuntu on their laptop or Cyanogenmod/LineageOS on
> their smartphone. Without spending my life trying to get it to work, but
> some struggle is okay, around the struggle required to get
> Cyanogenmod/LineageOS working on a typical USian smartphone, etc
> 2) Durable/rugged.
> 3) Fairly convenient. Maybe a few more ports than usual, a few more
> options than usual, maybe some extra power sources or something like
> that.
> 4) Certified refurb would be nice
> 5) Price range around idk $250-$300 or something per tablet.
> says "New Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (Latest
> Model)" costs around $280:
> But of course surge pricing and out-of-stock is happening everywhere
> because it's corona time. So maybe something in stock would be great,
> older or whatever
> 6) External keyboard accessory would be nice and perhaps mandatory, link
> to this also p|0x?
> Planned use:
> 1) Hook it up to SDR to scan the local security forces -- cops, fire,
> etc -- leave it set up in home that way doing that
> 2) Backup / travel / bug out bag
> If more than one, perhaps identical/similar in different colors for ease
> of telling them apart quickly or sharing them with other human beings
> If anyone can offer some recommendations, I will say something mean
> about a so-called Great Man aspirant soon on my twitter feed
> Thanks <3
> Doug

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